Binyangzhongdong or the Middle Binyang Cave, is carved in the Datang style on the west hill, on the northern floor. It was built by Emperor Xuanwun to commemorate his father Xiaowe, and also his mother. It is said that 800,000 workers created it over the period from 500 to 523. In the main wall of this cave, five very large Buddhist statues are carved all in Northern Wei style The central statue is of Sakyamuni Buddha with four images of Bodhisattvas flanking it. Two side walls also have Buddha images flanked by Bodhisatvas. The Buddhas, arranged in three groups in the cave, are representative of Buddha of the past, the present, and the future.

The Longmen Grottoes world heritage site is located at Luoyong, Henan Provence, China.


A picture of the large Grotto caves in Datong, China. These are the oldest and largest buddhist caves in all of China with over 50,000 buddhist statues all with gentle, knowing smiles. 

Large stone face in the Banyon, at Angkor Thom, Cambodia.